Credit Union Financing

Not a member? Not a problem.

Since 1987, Automotive Avenues has partnered with the top credit unions in Colorado to deliver the best car loan and financing options. If you're currently not a member of a Credit Union, we can easily help you become a member! Below find a list of the outstanding credit unions we work with, and of course feel free to call us at 303-750-5000 and we'll help guide you through the process.
What is a Credit Union?

"Not for profit, not for charity, but for service" is the credit union motto, and represents the reason why hundreds of thousands of Americans choose a credit union as their financial institution. Credit Unions are "owned" by their members, and all profits are returned to these "owners" in the form of lower loan rates and higher savings rates.

Credit Unions differ from banks in several ways, but one of the main differences is the membership. To join a credit union you can live or work in a "charter area," or belong to one of their Select Employee Groups, also known as a SEG. There are three main ways people qualify for credit union membership:

Community Charter

Some credit unions have a community charter, allowing them to sign on members who live or work in a certain area.

The original credit unions were started by employees of a certain employer or type of occupation (e.g. Postal Employees Credit Union). Ask your HR Manager if your company is affiliated with a credit union.

Family Affiliation
Most credit unions have a family membership rule allowing the family of existing members to join.

None of the above apply? That's ok. We'll make sure we find the right fit for you.
Exclusive Partners

Bellco Credit Union
At Bellco Credit Union, you're not just a customer; you're a valued member. And your membership gives you access to lower interest rates on loans, higher yields on deposits, our wide network of surcharge-free ATMs, free financial advice, and our complete financial services.

Credit Union of Denver
As a pillar of financial strength and security, Credit Union of Denver has been serving its members for more than 75 years. And, of course, what elevates us above other financial institutions is our personal service, low to no fees, excellent rates, convenience, and our dedication to our members' success.

On Tap Credit Union
We invite you to become a member/owner of our credit union family so that you can enjoy the many benefits of membership. As a full-service financial institution, we continue to add to the benefits and privileges of membership. Our strong focus on member satisfaction isn't just a by-product of our success -- it's the source.
Additional Partners
Aurora Federal Schools Credit Union
Credit Union of Colorado
Denver Community Credit Union
Fitzsimons Credit Union
Foothills Credit Union
Public Service Credit Union
Sooper Credit Union
Westerra Credit Union

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