Auto Aves Staff

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  • David Lindsey
    President/General Manager

    Born in Texas but raised in Colorado, David has been developing automotive lending and sales solutions for Automotive Avenues and its affiliated companies since 1998. David is passionate about creating "world class experiences" for Auto Aves customers by ensuring every transaction is as simple and fulfilling as it can be. An avid reader and student of the industry, David has an MBA from Colorado State University (go Rams!) and is obsessed with continuous learning. In his free time, he enjoys skiing, playing soccer, and spending as much time in the mountains as possible.

  • Robert Seeley
    Director of Operations

    Robert started working with Auto Aves in 2012 working on technology.  He was recently named the new Director of Operations where he works with great teams to continually improve Auto Aves and the member experience. Robert is a proud graduate of Virginia Tech and is a Hokie through and through.  He is currently pursuing his MBA through Colorado State.  Robert has extensive management and technical experience leading teams in across many business verticals.  He is enjoying immensely the challenges and nuances of the Auto Aves business and our relationships with the customers and business partners. Robert is an avid consumer of barbecue.  He is a fan of the low and slow and if you know what that means you are probably a kindred spirit.  As such he is always on the hunt for the next great barbecue place.  He has lived in Kansas City (great sauces and beans), Austin Texas (amazing brisket and sausage), Raleigh NC (fantastic pulled pork), and traveled through Memphis (ribs and rubs anyone) all in his search for excellent barbecue.  If you are in and you know of a great place to settle into some ribs or brisket, be sure to ask for him as he will want to know where to go.

  • Dan Krofta
    Member Experience Advisor

    With years more than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, Dan has been with Auto Aves for 12 years. Before Auto Aves, Dan was a used car manager at a multi-brand dealership in North Carolina. Originally from Wisconsin, Dan enjoys outdoor activity including skiing, camping, fishing, or taking trips back to Wisconsin to visit family. Being customer oriented, Dan likes to create a "no pressure" atmosphere for his customers, focusing on listening to their vehicle needs, and helping them find just the vehicle they are looking for.

  • Jerry McKay
    Member Experience Advisor

    Jerry is a Member Experience Advisor and has been with Automotive Avenues for 11 years. Prior to working at Auto Aves, Jerry was in the Real Estate Business for 14 years. He graduated from California Lutheran College in Thousand Oaks, California with a degree in Business and also played football for the Kingsman. When he's not working, Jerry coaches youth football and high school hockey.  

  • Cheryl Mensch
    Member Experience Advisor

    Cheryl joined Auto Aves in 1995. Cheryl says that she was honored to join the Auto Aves team because she shares a common philosophy--"We genuinely care about the people who have entrusted us with the task of finding the best solution to their automotive needs. I don't like pressuring people and neither does Auto Aves. Nothing excites me more than when a customer expresses with sincerity how much they have enjoyed their car-buying experience and their enthusiasm to share their experience with others."

  • Paul Molliconi
    Member Experience Advisor

  • Pat Shane
    Member Experience Advisor

    Pat Shane started working at Auto Aves as a Member Experience Advisor in May of 2004. Pat took a short hiatus from Auto Aves for a little over a year and returned in February of 2016. She made the decision to return to Auto Aves because of all the support she receives from the sales and service teams and the extensive availability of inventory. The team concept makes Auto Aves a great place to work and Auto Aves stands behind the vehicles they sell. Ultimately, Pat strives to give her clients the Auto Aves experience and to exceed all of their needs.

  • Tami Myers
    Member Experience Advisor

    With over 20 years of experience at Auto Aves, Tami is the longest tenured advisor.  She joined Auto Aves in 1994 after working in an office setting for nine years.  When she's not at work, she is an animal lover, spending most of her time enjoying her dogs and cats. Tami also enjoys working in the garden and rollerblading.  Tami cares very deeply about people, and treats members the way she likes to be treated-with patience and respect.  At the same time, she's very light-hearted and always finds time for laughter and fun. She's an excellent listener, and it shows in her positive reviews.  

  • Mike Orris
    Member Experience Advisor

    Mike started working at Auto Aves in October of 2011. He grew up as a military kid and has lived all over the world. Mike says that the no pressure-environment and friendly co-workers make working at Auto Aves extremely enjoyable. "I have a lot of fun working with my team and helping provide a world class experience."

  • Christian Spangler
    Member Experience Advisor

    Christian Spangler pursued a job in the automotive industry after his first experience purchasing a car at Auto Aves. In July 2010, he decided a change from the restaurant business was long over-do, and he has been selling cars for more than five years now. After completing his degree at Ithaca College, he decided that the Rocky Mountains would be the perfect place for him to settle down. As a manager for Noodles and Company and Einstein Brothers Bagels, he was able to develop the skills that allowed him to excel in the hospitality business.  He now enjoys all that Colorado has to offer, and enjoys skiing and golfing with his family.

  • Tom Sullivan
    Member Experience Advisor

    Tom has been in the car business since 1998 and has been working directly with Credit Union members. He joined Auto Aves in 2009 as a Member Experience Advisor. He is originally from the Upstate NY area. He moved to Denver in 1994

  • Duane Talada
    Member Experience Advisor

    Duane joined Auto Aves in March of 2011. Most of his 18 years' experience in the automotive business have been in service management. This experience, combined with a background in hotel management, makes Duane a very service-oriented person. After moving to Colorado from upstate New York in 1978, Duane now has a beautiful family. He is an avid reader, with interests in health, history, photography, and of course, cars--particularly interested in 1960s British sports cars. On many Colorado summer evenings, you'll find him taking drives in the mountains in his little red convertible. Duane has always placed the highest priority on honor and integrity in both business and personal relationships, and he's proud to have found a car dealership that shares that philosophy. According to Duane, "Cars are a very personal possession, and purchasing one should be exciting and fun, not something you dread going through." He says when he is searching for a vehicle for his customers, he finds himself looking for something he'd be comfortable putting a member of his own family in.

  • Chris Hassett
    Member Experience Coordinator

    Chris is has been a Member Experience Coordinator since August, 2013. He grew up in the automotive industry and has worked in different aspects of the business for more than 25 years--everything from parts and service to sales, leasing, and financing. When Chris is not working, he likes to spend time with his family.

  • Jill Mapes
    Member Experience Coordinator

    Jill Mapes has worked at Auto Aves since December 2011. She started her career at Auto Aves as a Customer Care Representative and was promoted to Member Experience Coordinator within six months. Although she is a born and raised Iowa girl, Jill graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1986 with a degree in Journalism and Advertising. Jill has held several sales positions throughout her career. Before coming to Auto Aves, she worked in a doctor's office for three years and also held a contract position doing some work for the Bureau of Land Management.

  • Jennifer Winters
    Member Experience Coordinator

    Jennifer's professional experiences and strengths have lied in Administrative Support positions in various fields. As an Automotive Avenues Member Experience Coordinator, Jennifer assists to the greater good of her team of Member Experience Advisors. Working with members and making sure they have a smooth, positive car buying experience is her ultimate goal.

  • Jane Shur
    Member Experience Coordinator

    Jane came to Automotive Avenues in May of 2014.  Prior to that, she worked for the Credit Union of Colorado for 28 years.  A Colorado native, Jane has worked in customer service for more than 40 years.  In her spare time, Jane enjoys traveling (Mexico her favorite destination), movies, and gardening.

  • Mary Wright
    Member Experience Coordinator

    Originally from Arkansas, Mary received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Arkansas Tech University.  She moved to Colorado in in the eighties and has lived in Golden since then.  Before coming to Auto Aves in 2011, Mary spent several years working in a local real estate office, and in customer service for a temporary housing company.  In her spare time, Mary enjoys spending time with family and friends, and an occasional night of country western dancing. 

  • Jacob Rotter
    Finance Director

    Jacob Rotter started with Auto Aves as a Finance Manager in 2001 and is now the Finance Director. Jacob has worked in almost every aspect of the auto industry since he started selling cars as a part time job to put him through college back in 1997. He graduated with a BBA with an emphasis in Marketing in the summer of 2000 from Texas State University. Once he graduated, he moved to Colorado and began working for Auto Aves. Jacob enjoys the outdoors and Colorado affords him many activities with his family from Golf to Skiing.  

  • Robert Bennett
    Finance Specialist

    Robert graduated from the University of Missouri at Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Management. He has worked as a Loan Officer for both Wells Fargo and Credit Union of Colorado (a partner of ours) before coming here in June of 2013. Prior to that, he was a Certified Personal Trainer and ran his own company for 7 years. Robert has also held Management positions prior to that.

  • Mark Worrick
    Finance Manager

    Mark is an Air Force brat who, after many moves throughout the United States, has grown roots in the beautiful state of Colorado. He has been an integral part of Auto Aves since March 2000. He has built long term relationships with the credit unions and their members. When asked what he likes most about the Finance position, Mark stated that he "enjoys walking credit union members through the buying process while helping them with different finance options that meet their needs and budget." Mark graduated from University of Colorado, Denver with a degree in Economics and is always striving to better himself and the people around him. Mark spends his spare time with his family and friends exploring while skiing, kayaking, and hiking throughout Colorado.    

  • Gideon Benjamin
    Service Manager

    Gideon has over 37 years in automotive service. He began his career as a technician for SAAB in the late 1970s and worked his way up to management where he has been for the last 19 years. He has manufacturer experience with Subaru, Toyota, Volvo, and Ford as well as numerous independent repair facilities. Gideon is a lover of horsepower. Mustangs were (and still are) his "love on 4 wheels". Having restored, rebuilt, and raced several mustangs over the decades, he still looks forward to the next project. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, his parent brought him to the Denver area as an infant so he considers himself a Colorado native. He is also a Huge Colorado Avalanche Hockey fan as well as a BBQ and Meat Smoker scientist always trying new things.

  • Manuel Mendez
    Service Appointment Coordinator

    Manuel started with Auto Aves in 2007 as an Appointment Coordinator/Cashier and has recently taken on additional responsibilities around service including service writing and parts ordering. Since starting in the auto industry with Auto Aves, Manuel has gained over 9 years' experience in customer service, service advising, parts estimating and ordering, and some minor accounting duties for service. A native of Denver, he enjoys the many recreational activities and beautiful sites around the area as well as throughout the state.

  • Joel Wallace
    Service Advisor

    Joel was "Semi-Retired" when he started as an Auto Aves Sales Consultant in 2007. Later he was recruited and made the move to the Service Center and has been working in the shop as a Service Advisor for more than 5 years. After graduating with degrees in both Fine Arts and Management Technology, Joel spent 30 years in the Technology Industry working in Software Support and Programming, Systems Analysis, Service & Support, Training, Management, and as a Service Support Director for several different technology companies. Joel is a Colorado native.

  • Jerry Widhalm
    Service Advisor

    Jerry started with Auto Aves 24 years ago and now is a Service Writer. He has an extensive background in sales and service with Auto Aves, in 2006 he became an ASE Certified Service Writer. A Colorado native, Jerry enjoys motorcycles and considers himself a die-hard Bronco fan!

  • Audrey Mulhair
    Business Development Manager

    Audrey Mulhair has worked for Auto Aves as a Business Development Manager for more than seven years. Working with global companies such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, Audrey has an extensive background in business-to-business relationship management for over 15 years.  More recently, Audrey finds her efforts working with the local Denver credit union sector more congruent with her core beliefs of putting customers and members first, and feels it is the cornerstone of her work at AutoAves.  Audrey recently graduated with her Masters of Art from Regis University in Denver. A native of upstate New York, Audrey now calls Colorado home.

  • Rick Rivera
    Business Development Manager

    Rick started with Auto Aves as a Marketing Coordinator and is currently Business Development Manager. Rick has an extensive background in advertising and marketing that includes working within the Finance and Entertainment industries. Rick's experience included working for the world-famous Riviera Casino and the independent live entertainment promotions powerhouse, Easy Street Concerts where he was responsible for such high profile concerts such as Mötley Crüe, Lynard Skynard, REO Speedwagon, and Styx. He graduated from Colorado State University. A Colorado native, Rick is an avid Harley Davidson rider, Bronco fan, and dog lover.

  • Nick Moreno
    Marketing Manager

    Nick joined Auto Aves as a Marketing Coordinator more than a year ago and is now Marketing Manager. Nick has an extensive background in automotive advertising and marketing that includes working for the world-famous firm Young & Rubicam and the independent powerhouse, Cramer-Krasselt where he was responsible for such high profile brands such as Lincoln Mercury, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Porsche. He graduated with honors in Communications (emphasis in marketing) from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta where he was selected as the first David Wills Presidential Fellow and will receive his Master's Degree in Marketing from the University of Denver this spring. A Los Angeles native, Nick now considers Colorado home.

  • Sundie Grylls
    Customer Care Team Lead

    Sundie was born in Northwest Colorado and moved to the Denver area 15 years ago. She worked in Human Resources for a big box retailer in the past and now enjoys working with the wonderful people at Auto Aves. Sundie appreciates working with Auto Aves because everyone in the organization really cares about the customer and meeting their needs. In her spare time Sundie enjoys spending time reading and hanging out with family.  Sundie also designs stage props for stage companies and performers throughout the Denver Metro area. 

  • GiAnna Hubler
    Customer Care Team

  • Colleen Strott
    Customer Care Team

    Colleen came to Auto Aves in August of 2015. Prior to working at Auto Aves, she has worked in retail and customer service. A Colorado native, Colleen enjoys camping and snowmobiling. She also enjoys traveling with her family on motorcycle trips.